Free to learn?

Peter Hartkamp

Speaker’s presentation and contribution:




Peter Hartkamp was active on the Council of the European Democratic Education (EUDEC) and gives presentations on education and human rights in different countries

He is also founder of 3 democratic schools in Holland and author of :
« Beyond coercive education, A plea for the realisation of the rights of the child in education ». www.beyondcoerciveeducation.eu

« This book shows that the essence of the current education system is based on the needs of the society of 200 years ago. It describes a number of myths in education, such as: more education is better, teaching is learning, tests lead to better education, children need guidance, teachers are regarded as professionals and children do bully. These myths cause great suffering for children and inhibit learning and development. It seems the Rights of the Child stop at the front door of the school».


Free to learn in a democratic school

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