Free to learn?

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What happened to Paideia and Scholê ?


This European colloquium seeks to show how alternatives in education work, in different contexts, whether in institutions or elsewhere and to discuss about what prevents them becoming mainstream, so that they can be available for everyone.

Thus it is addressed to:

  1. -everybody and most particularly all the people trying to accompany their children in their development and learning experience, without using power, fear or manipulation

  2. -all people questioning the obsession of performance and examination

  3. -all teachers interested in informal learning without really knowing how to put it into practise and wondering how to maintain order in freedom

  4. -all medical actors having to deal with children suffering at school

  5. -anyone interested in alternatives

  6. -anyone concerned by democratic values and fundamental rights

  7. -anyone just curious and not fearing questioning some dogmas...

Freedom of education concerns us all !

Searchers, practitioners and a representative of

the luxembourgish Ministry of Education

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